Me and COVID-19 and vaccine

Here is a collection of my posts on Gab from my very mild bout with COVID-19 (but see the last post). Saved here for convenience, with the replies. Edited to add my wife's vaccine story. March 25, 2021, 20:14. My COVID saga so far: wife started showing symptoms March 12. We have made no effort … Continue reading Me and COVID-19 and vaccine

Sharing and Proliferation

Picture a future period where the Russian threat and the threats of terrorism and rogue states have all receded, due to the skillful strategic maneuvering of a US president. Like Eisenhower, this president's maneuvers are far enough from the eyes of the media that he gets little credit for his wise and bold actions. Thus, … Continue reading Sharing and Proliferation

A word on editing posts after publishing

I occasionally edit posts after publishing them, without notification.  Yes, that's called 'stealth editing'.  Weasels are sneaky, after all.  I do that to improve presentation, as well as fix grammatical or spelling errors.  Unlike the mainstream media, I do not make stealth edits to change the meaning of a post, nor to save myself from … Continue reading A word on editing posts after publishing

Nuclear Posture

What Weasel is reading: The 2018 Nuclear Posture Review Why?  Because nuclear weapons are important! What Weasel is drinking: usually a bottle of Negra Modelo or a glass of a nice Tempranillo or Malbec. The report is available on this page in several languages, and as an executive summary. US nuclear weapons today include … Continue reading Nuclear Posture