When the Assassins came to School

This is a story about a hockey game. The setting is a college in Michigan, where an international exhibition game took place in the 1980s. I'll get back to hockey later, though. First some background. An officer defected from the Soviet Army. He had served in military intelligence, and was an expert on all aspects … Continue reading When the Assassins came to School

Me and COVID-19 and vaccine

Here is a collection of my posts on Gab from my very mild bout with COVID-19 (but see the last post). Saved here for convenience, with the replies. Edited to add my wife's vaccine story. March 25, 2021, 20:14. My COVID saga so far: wife started showing symptoms March 12. We have made no effort … Continue reading Me and COVID-19 and vaccine

A word on editing posts after publishing

I occasionally edit posts after publishing them, without notification.  Yes, that's called 'stealth editing'.  Weasels are sneaky, after all.  I do that to improve presentation, as well as fix grammatical or spelling errors.  Unlike the mainstream media, I do not make stealth edits to change the meaning of a post, nor to save myself from … Continue reading A word on editing posts after publishing