Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 2

In Part 1 I listed links to many examples of political violence.  There were threats, intimidation, assaults, even attempted murders, and one attempted mass murder.  Well, since I compiled that list, the hits just keep on coming.  The links below either occurred after Part 1 was posted, or came to light (or to my attention) since then.  Vandalism, arson, death threats, planned assassinations.

A summary

summation of cause and effect

About that car ramming attack

At least the law is working in this case

UNC Professor charged with assault

Is this what Maxine Waters wanted?

Restaurant gets death threats after Cruz protest

Threats and harassment “it goes with the territory” and “it’s okay to publicly and scarily harass elected officials and their families, and to threaten to kill them”

Grassley and staff are getting death threats
Professor Ford claims to have had threats as well, but Grassley’s staff has released theirs and is working with police. Lefties never seem to do that. They go vague.

Senator’s wife requests senators stop encouraging threats

planning violence

Soliciting violence

Ricin powder in envelopes to White House, Pentagon, and Cruz senate campaign

“deserve miserable deaths”, plus “Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes”

Political vandalism

Vandalism, looks political

Doxxing our senators: releasing their private info; expect protests at their houses, and maybe violence

Communists doxxing Kavanaugh supporters at UT-Austin and vandalizing signs
UT Young Conservatives Harassed By Student Body For Defending Judge Kavanaugh

Threats at another Kavanaugh protest



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