Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 4

Sadly, there is so much political violence that I need another post. In Part 1 and Part 2, I listed links to many examples of political violence. There were threats, intimidation, assaults, even attempted murders, and one attempted mass murder, plus vandalism, arson, death threats, planned assassinations. In Part 3 I listed threats of violence from right-leaning people against lefties. So many instances of violent threats or actual violent assaults have come from the left in just the time since Part 2 that it’s time to add to the list of horrors.

Targeted harassment




Political violence


Blocking streets and threatening riot

Restraining order against vandalism

Blaming the victim for violence suffered

More about man’s assault on woman at pro-life rally

More about Congressional staffer who doxxed Senators


Madman or leftist: you decide.

A useful summary in video form

Vandalism – look for a story on it

Media and violence: Can’t call a mob a mob

But please note that previously, the term mob was gleefully applied to a non-mob

Commentary: This is why we worry about ‘in your face’ tactics. We don’t know when it will end in attempted murder again.

Portland Antifa

Campus threats and vandalism

sort of a summary of how it looks from where I sit

Assault at college

More ricin?


Actual threat or just nastiness?

Actual threat. Ricin is in fashion now

joke about violence

Violence amid calls for violence

calls for vandalism

Several attacks


political vandalism

In Doctor Weasel’s own neighborhood, a local web site reports that signs for a state legislative candidate (the incumbent) are being vandalized. The candidate is a Republican. There have been no reports on that non-political site of Democrat yard signs being vandalized. This is a wealthy neighborhood with many older professional couples. We also have a bit of property crime, because thieves go where the money is. So who is the vandal?  Is it left-leaning professionals, or petty thieves who hate the Republicans? Link not posted to preserve Doctor Weasel’s privacy.

Follow-up to previous stories


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