Space Force, Part 5: Detailed Organization

Building on the discussion of missions in Part 2, top level organizations in Part 3, and organizational concepts in Part 4, this post gets into greater detail about the organization below the level of the numbered space force.  Dashes are used to show organizations subordinate to the organizations above them.

SFB = Space Force Base

I use these symbols to indicate the grade of the organization’s commander or director
(SES) = senior executive service civilian director
**** = general commander/Chief of Staff/Vice Chief of Staff
*** = lieutenant general commander or director
** = major general commander or director
* = brigadier general commander or director
^ – colonel commander or director

Secretary of the Space Force (political appointee)
– Office of the Secretary

Chief of Staff of the Space Force****
– Vice Chief of Staff of the Space Force****
– Space Staff

Space Command**** (all USSF operating forces)
– Vice Commander***
– Headquarters, Space Command
– Space Warfare Center^, Schriever SFB CO (space squadrons from USAF Warfare Center)
– – Space Weapons School^, Nellis AFB NV (space & missile squadrons from USAF WS)
– 14th Space Force*** (launch, surveillance, comm, nav, weather, …)
– – Joint Space Operations Center^, Vandenberg SFB CA
– – National Space Defense Center^, Schriever SFB CO
– – 1st Space Wing^, Fort Carson CO (liaison, support, communications; former 1st Space Brigade)
– – 2d Space Wing^, Point Mugu CA (satellite control; former NAVSOC)
– – 21st Space Wing^, Peterson AFB CO (space surveillance) (move missile warning to 460 SW)
– – 30th Space Wing^, Vandenberg SFB CA (launch)
– – 45th Space Wing*, Patrick SFB FL (launch)
– – 50th Space Wing^, Schriever SFB CO (satellite control)
– 20th Space Force**, FE Warren SFB WY (ICBM)
– – 90th Missile Wing^, FE Warren SFB WY
– – 91st Missile Wing^, Minot AFB ND
– – 341st Missile Wing^, Malmstrom SFB MT
– 26th Space Force** (reconnaissance)
– – National Reconnaissance Operations Center^, Chantilly VA
– – Aerospace Data Facility – East^, Fort Belvoir VA (satellite control)
– – Aerospace Data Facility – Colorado^, Buckley SFB CO (satellite control)
– – Aerospace Data Facility – Southwest^, White Sands Missile Range NM (satellite control)
– – NRO presence at RAF Menwith Hill, UK
– – NRO presence at JDF Pine Gap, Australia
– 27th Space Force** (missile defense)
– – 100th Missile Defense Wing^, Schriever SFB CO (former 100th MD Brigade)
– – – four Missile Defense batteries (from 10th and 94th AAMDC)
– – 460th Space Wing^, Buckley AFB CO (missile warning; add all SWS from 21 SW)
– Space Forces Europe* (small headquarters for EUCOM & AFRICOM interface)
– Space Forces Pacific* (small headquarters for PACOM interface)

Space Development Agency(SES) (all research, development, systems acquisition)
– Space and Missile Systems Center***, Los Angeles SFB CA
– Missile Defense Development Center***, Fort Belvoir VA (former MDA plus SMDC orgs)
– – SMDC Technical Center(SES)
– – SMDC Future Warfare Center(SES)
– – Reagan Test Center, Kwajelein Atoll
– Space Force Nuclear Weapons Center*, Hill AFB UT (former AFNWC ICBM Dir)
– Space Reconnaissance Development Center(SES), Chantilly VA (former NRO development orgs & SPAWAR SFA; Director reports to Intel Community and USSF)
– Space Research Laboratory^, Kirtland SFB NM
– – Space Vehicles Directorate^, Kirtland SFB NM (from AFRL)
– – Center for Space Technology(SES), JB Anacostia-Bolling DC (from NRL)

Space Education and Training Command*
– 381st Training Group^, Vandenberg AFB CA (space & missile operations)
– other training groups for mission support and medical fields (use USAF or USA training indefinitely)
– Space Force Recruiting Service^
– Space Force Basic Military Training Group^ (initially at Lackland AFB; use AF Basic Training until SF BMT is established)
– Space Officer Training School^ (initially at Maxwelll AFB; use AF OTS until SOTS is established)
– SF ROTC^ (take AFROTC, ROTC, NROTC grads until SFROTC is established)
– Space University* (use Air University until space schools are established)
– – Squadron Officers School^
– – Space Command and Staff College^
– – Space War College^

US Space Force Academy (if we must; it’s not cost-effective compared to ROTC and OTS)

Space Operational Test and Evaluation Center, Peterson SFB CO (former Det 4 AFOTEC)

Space Force Reserve Command*
– 310th Space Wing^, Peterson SFB CO
– – (new) Group^, Schriever SFB CO (space squadrons from 926th Ops Group)
– – 2nd Space Support Squadron, Peterson SFB CO (former 2nd Space Battalion)
– Individual Mobilization Augmentees to active USSF units

Space National Guard*
– 111th Space Operations Squadron (AZ ANG)
– 49th Missile Defense Squadron, Fort Greely#, AK (AK SNG)
– 213th Space Warning Squadron Clear SFS AK (AK SNG) (augments 13 SWS)
– 195th Space Group^, Vandenberg SFB CA (CA SNG) (new organization split from 195th Operations Group)
– – 148 Space Operations Squadron, Vandenberg SFB CA (CA SNG)
– – 216 Space Control Squadron, Vandenberg SFB CA (CA SNG)
– – Detachment 1, 100th Missile Defense Wing, Vandenberg SFB CA (CA SNG)
– 100th Missile Defense Wing^, Peterson SFB CO (CO SNG)
– – 233rd Space Group^, Greely SNGS#, CO (CO SNG)
– – – 138th Space Control Squadron, Peterson SFB CO (CO SNG)
– – – 117th Space Support Squadron, Peterson SFB CO (CO SNG) (former 117 Space Bn, augments 1st Space Wing)
– 114th Space Control Squadron, Cocoa Beach FL (FL SNG)
– 219th Security Forces Squadron, Minot AFB ND (ND SNG) (augments 91st Missile Wing)
– 222d Command and Control Squadron (NY SNG) (augments NROC)
– 119th Command and Control Squadron, McGhee-Tyson ANGB, TN (TN SNG) (augments STRATCOM global operations center)
– 153rd Command and Control Squadron, FE Warren SFB WY (WY SNG) (NORTHCOM mobile consolidated command center)

# As a side note, there are Fort Greely and Greely Station.  That’s too many Greelys.  One should change names just to avoid confusion.  Greely Air National Guard Station is named today for the nearby town of Greely, Colorado.  It can be renamed for a Space pioneer, just as Falcon AFB was renamed for General Bernard Schriever.  Fort Greely, Alaska, is already named for a person, Major General Adolphus Greely, and should not change that part of its name.  If the fort transfers to USSF it should be Greely Space Force Base.



3 thoughts on “Space Force, Part 5: Detailed Organization

  1. I would specifically not have, nor allow any trade school (service academy) grads in the Space Force, unless and until they have earned a suitable Masters degree or higher, in a civilian institution…

    And I say that as the father of a Wild Blue U grad.

    For the most part they are the worst officers in the military.


  2. The USAFA grads I served with were definitely a mixed bag. I can’t speak for the other academies, but CDR Salamander has been merciless on the current foibles at the Naval Academy for years on his excellent blog.

    Good call on the Civil Space Patrol. As a former CAP cadet I should have thought about that.


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