Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 5

The hits (and threats) just keep on coming.  Latest in a series.


Another round of harassment of Mitch McConnell at a restaurant

Masked protesters illegally invade city council meeting

A summary of the violence, leaving out the threats

Recent report of old attack

Another political guy promotes harassment of GOP


Fantasizing about Secret Service helping to murder the President. Important tip: they won’t.

actual threat

Bomb threat

Bomb threat



A summary of threats against GOP offices



Threat of violence. But he seemed like such a nice, reasonable fellow.
James Cromwell: ‘There Will Be Blood in the Streets’ if Trump Isn’t Stopped

Angry mob; protesters threw punches

Why do some lefties act this way? They get away with it

Summary article of attacks in 2018 (so far)

Summary article of attacks from 2017

An old story demonstrating similar attacks in 2004


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