Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 7

I’m glad she was able to restrain herself

Threats of mass violence

Vandalism on campus

Battery on campus

Anti-Semitic vandal (former Obama campaign worker & intern for Dem city councilwoman)
He’s called ‘non-verbal’ but he wrote words and worked on political campaigns.

He worked to stop hate crimes; now he commits them

Very helpful list of events

A video summary of incitement to violence

Campus vandalism

Campaign worker violence

former Vice President suggests violence

Lynching threat

Big list of bad behavior

Congressman agrees to meet with man who threatened to kill him

When does this become brandishing? When does it become voter intimidation?

Assault on local politicians, cheered on by local media

Assault, plus yet another sign vandal

Harassment by goons in masks

Teaaching kids to hate and assault cops

Yard sign vandal

More yard sign vandalism

Another sign vandal

A threat of violence to our entire country

Harassment at home, and shouted threats, plus vandalism. They broke the front door (oak). Wife was alone & feared home invasion


attempted vandalism

harassment (an old story)

They keep telling us they don’t want to take our guns

Dude is starting to sound like a leftist.

It’s time for a no-mask law in Portland. The kind they had where the KKK used to be a problem.

Looks much more like a murder to me. “Suicide” by multiple blunt force injuries in the garage of an apartment.

Pro lifer assaulted in Toronto. Different country, same left. Still waiting for justice.

What are the Proud Boys? Gavin McInness shares stories of his friends being assaulted

Antifa guy (wearing mask) attempts assault with a deadly weapon. Defense was successful.

Congressman threatens to nuke US cities

threats against candidate and family lead him to withdraw

Public harassment

Assault in public

Longer view of the same event. Intimidation and harassment by masked Antifa


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