How to make a really bad scientific argument, Part 10: Non-Scientists

Associate with non-scientists who say non-scientific things about science.  You’re skeptical about vaccines, so of course you want to appear with and/or quote vaccine expert Jenny McCarthy.  You’re interested in the latest findings in women’s health, so you turn to Gwyneth Paltrow.  You want to share what you have learned about metallurgy from Rosie O’Donnell.  The best way to convince people about science is to go out in public with people screaming about stuff they don’t understand.  If your message is as political as it is scientific, you associate science with partisan politics.  Unfortunately, that could in the long run convince the public that science is just as political as anything discussed in the news.  But hey, the long run is for someone else to worry about.  You want a bad argument and you want it now.  Don’t worry about scientists taking a position on foreign policy.  You might even get some air time, like when these guys got on ABC in 2008 to warn about the impending disaster in the nightmarish future year of … 2015. Everything said, implied, or shown in the video failed to occur, but just think: in 2008 they got on national news!  If you play the celebrity game, maybe you can get on TV too!


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