Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 11

I’m still catching up with all the political violence over the past two months or so.  Part 10 just went up and here’s another.  This post covers left-on-right political violence, threats, harassment, doxxing, and vandalism.  The whole series of posts here covers political violence from both sides.

Antifa goon charged with assault

Attempted arson by Antifa sympathizers

An old summary of threats from an Antifa goon with friends in the Democratic Party.

But the goon got his

Antifa attacks “Nazi” who is Jewish

Antifa attacked cop

Joke about assassinating POTUS.  Secret Service sometimes responds to these.

Canadian teacher threatens violence

Death threats

Sentencing for man with list of congress targets; strong interest in Hodgkinson; his party not noted.

Lives threatened because they wore MAGA hats

Video summary of recent violence



A useful summary

Woman stabs truck

Threatened cops?

Description of an Antifa attack


New Zealand mass murderer Brenton Tarrant
View at
Tarrant was called a right-winger in the media, but his beliefs centered around ‘eco-fascism’ (his term). He killed Muslims not because of any hatred for Islam, but because they had more babies than other New Zealanders. It’s Humanity he hates, and his hate is leftist.  So why is he included here in this article on US political violence?  He sought to influence US policies.  He wanted gun-control advocates to push for confiscation here, expecting it to cause a civil war.

Attack plot against White House

Assassination ‘joke’

Violent threats on campus

Death threats from the left

Follow-up on threats against sheriffs

Left prefers violent criminals (armed robbery) to cops

Antifa goons get arrested


follow-up on vandalism story

real hate crime

Berkeley assault

Berkeley assault update

Berkeley assault update

Vandalism against a Lee statue, but it’s wrong Lee, wrong war

Vandalism by left on a (likely) leftist lawyer for doing his job

Assault and theft

New Jersey assault
Man, 81, Wearing Red MAGA Hat Assaulted Inside New Jersey Shop Rite, Prosecutors Say

New Jersey assault update

Minor violence

Arson on campus

Arson on campus: update


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