Doctor Weasels House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 13

Since the last post on this topic there have been many instances of political violence: assault, violent threats, vandalism, and doxxing (which usually leads to threats of violence).  These are instances (as they always are) in which the victims and/or perpetrators are easily identifiable as being political actors aligned with the left or the right in current political debates.  What follows is left-on-right violence, as has been noted in Parts 1, 2, 4 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 in this series, all available here.

A summary

How dare she wear a MAGA hat?

WATCH: SJW Physically and Verbally Attacks Mexican Woman for Wearing a MAGA Hat

Doxxing man because he wore a MAGA hat, encouraging harassment,

Doxxing to punish senators?

Antifa harassed this guy at his home

VIDEO: Antifa Stages Protest Outside Trump Adviser Stephen Miller’s Home, Cast ‘Curses’ Upon Him

Death threats

This Wake Forest student said her offended peers ‘need to grow up.’ She got death threats.

Threat to President

Puerto Rican Governor: I’ll punch Trump in the mouth


Peak TDS? The Secret Service stopped a man in an electric wheelchair from setting himself on fire outside the White House



Two Arrested for Assault and Robbery in Germantown

Local paper mocks assault vctim

Multiple attacks discussed (including one above)

Hate Watch: Three Prominent Conservatives Attacked For Their Beliefs Just Yesterday

Vandals on campus

Princeton vandals claim that Title IX ‘protects rapists’

Antifa disrupts campus speaker and threatens violence

Assault but no justice

Woman who assaulted Kellyanne Conway skates

A threat through the mail but the criminal gets probation

Punching a priest

An attack on the President

FBI investigating Antifa plot

Attacks on men in MAGA hats. Assault and theft in broad daylight; video got likes on twitter, showing that there’s an appetite for violence on the left.

Smoke bomb attack on conservative speaker

Smoke bomb attack fails to silence black pro-life speaker at University of Texas

State rep harasses teen girls and old woman at anti-abortion protest

Doxxing leads to death threats & other harassment

Vandalism and theft on campus

Colorado school shooter

Assault on campus

Terrorist threat by anti-gun activist leads to arrest

Threats to contaminate food

Buffalo Wild Wings Employee Threatens to Contaminate Trump Supporters’ Food


False flag terrorist threat

These journalists are OK with violence as long as it’s left-wing violence

Journos from Prominent News Publications Found to Have Working Relationships With Antifa

It’s Not Your Imagination: The Journalists Writing About Antifa Are Often Their Cheerleaders

and Twitter helped out, predictably



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