Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 14

I was away from posting for a while.  A death in the family, plus other commitments, kept me from posting.  Also, I’m way behind on Instapundit articles and have barely commented there.  But I was keeping track.  I had a stash of links to episodes of violence committed with obvious political motivation.  So when I caught up, the bucket was overflowing.  I divided the bucket pretty much in half, producing Part 13 and now this post.  There’s so much violence it’s hard to keep up.  So, please, leftists, stop threatening, doxxing, and assaulting your enemies on the political right.  It’s hard to keep up.

The links cover political violence including assault, violent threats, vandalism, and doxxing (which usually leads to threats of violence).  The victims and/or perpetrators in these stories are easily identifiable as politically left or right.  This post is about left-on-right violence, as has been noted in Parts 1, 2, 4 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 13 in this series, all available here.  Yes, since you asked, there are right-on-left incidents as well.  They are covered in posts 3, 6, 9, and 12, also available at the previous link.

Play canceled due to threats of violence

Theater Cancels ‘FBI Lovebirds,’ Citing ‘Violent Threats’


Milkshake and repercussions

Lefty tries to justify throwing something as non-violent act. Says its not the same as throwing bricks. Someone should tell him…

Justifying the milkshake assault

More justification

Farage Fallout: Burger King UK Accused of Promoting Political Violence in Scotland With Tweets Promoting “Fun” Milkshakes

Milkshaking comes to America

And is celebrated

As a congressman is asssaulted with a milkshake Media Matters applauds after complaining inciteful language is leading to violence

Milkshaking has a history in America.  Apparently, with the same party.

Threats of rape

Again, the point of doxxing is to invite retaliation, often in the form of threats of violence.

Media goon approves of doxxing

Death threats

Assault by Trump-hater

Doxxing and death threats

Is this kidnapping?

VIDEO: Masked bandit tries to chain U. Washington College Republicans in room

Self violence

Harassing and assaulting a journalist

WATCH: Kaitlin Bennett and her InfoWars camera crew assaulted at Pete Buttigieg rally in Iowa

A look back ten years: SIEU violence

The Purple People Beaters

A look back one year: threats and harassment of Ajit Pai and Congressman John Katko over Net Neutrality

A look back two years: an assassination attempt on congressmen, but the media are oddly silent now.

Doxxing is a way of inviting threats

Doxxing is illegal
Prosecutors said Cosko had “self-righteous entitlement” and a “belief that he could violate the sanctity of the United States Senate at will and threaten individual Senators as he pleased.”

Eric Trump attacked in Chicago.

Threats of violence

Far Left Hate Group OUTRAGED After Jack Posobiec Exposes Their Terroristic Threats Against Tucker Carlson — And Twitter Bans Their Accounts

Major paper published op-ed calling for restaurant people to tamper with Nielsen’s food

Boston Globe Edits Op-Ed That Suggested Servers ‘Tamper’ With Food of Trump Officials

Assault on campus

Could be actual hate crime, amid all the hoaxes


Peak TDS? The Secret Service stopped a man in an electric wheelchair from setting himself on fire outside the White House

Antifa riot injures journalist

CNN’s Jake Tapper ‘corrected’ by fellow journalists after calling out Antifa for violence

Death threats

This Wake Forest student said her offended peers ‘need to grow up.’ She got death threats.

Hoax hate crime
Mississippi man pleads guilty in ‘Vote Trump’ church arson

Threat to the President

Anti-Semitic and a threat to the President

Doxxing invites threats and harassment.

Anarchist group at UT Austin threatens to dox incoming freshmen if they join conservative campus clubs

Vandalism on campus

Antifa vandalism




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