Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 15

I’m overdue to continue the study of political violence.  Stuff happened, but with the help of my insurance company, my house is in great shape.  This series has hot a sort of rhythm.  Two long posts about left-on-right (or occasionally left on not-quite-so left) violence, followed by one very short post on right-on-left violence.  This is one of the right-on-left posts.  I owe you all a few more posts to catch up on recent events.  They are coming soon.

As always, violence (for my purposes) includes assaults (occasionally with deadly weapons and occasionally including attempted murder) and also vandalism, threats of violence, and doxxing (included because it is a deliberate encouragement to threats).

So here are all the many, many acts of violence that were clearly right-on-left, that occurred during the time frame of interest (which was about May-June 2019).  And by ‘many’, I mean one.  Link below.

It’s not entirely clear what happened, but in the interest of completeness, this may have been a Patriot Prayer attack on an Antifa person in the middle of a street confrontation




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