Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 16

Here I am trying to catch up with current events  First, events of June-July-August, more or less.  This is of course another post in a series on political violence.  Violence in this case includes assaults, threats of violence, vandalism, and doxxing.  This is one of the posts that focuses on left-on-right violence, which makes it a long post.  Links below.


White guy kills girl “because she was white”

A very public doxxing

American leftists occupy Venezuelan embassy in support of the most repressive regime in the Western hemisphere (worse than Cuba)

Antioch TN church shooter wanted to kill more white people than Dylan Roof

Is this really a left-on-right crime? Dylan Roof, of no known ideology expect racism, was called a right winger. So I’m sure the mainstream media will not mind me considering this murderer a leftist.

Seattle Antifa threatens mom outside public library

Leftist, trans, anti-Christian school shooters

Assault leads to arrest at University of British Columbia

Antifa assault in Ottawa.  Canadian leftists are not so different from USA leftists.

Antifa assault at Roxham, Quebec

Fighting back against the milkshake assault

Gunman at immigration detention facility. Democrats & media feed fake outrage, here’s what happens.

Ice attacker was with Antifa

Armed Man Who Firebombed ICE Facility Wrote Antifa Manifesto

Everyone knew Andy Ngo would be assaulted. Antifa announced it.

Antifa in Portland

Portland police call out Portland mayor for telling cops to stand down & let Antifa attack

Antifa goons tangle with DC cops

Antifa and police in DC vs Portland – commentary

Antifa articles “One gets the impression that Antifa rules Portland with the same impunity that the Ku Klux Klan ruled Birmingham in the 1960s.”
Summary of incivility
Attack on Andy Ngo & links
Attacks on Andy Ngo
Attacks on Andy Ngo
Attack on Andy Ngo & links
What is going on here?
More analysis

It really happened

Maybe there will be justice, even against a big-city leftist mayor

Citicize Antifa and journalists, lose your job?

Spitting on someone is assault. When does encouragement of that become incitement to violence?

‘Mini-AOC’ gets death threats

Doxxing and Death Threats: The Left’s Answer to Mini-AOC’s Humor

This is the attitude that reinforces Antifa

Leftist Street Violence Isn’t New, and It’s Not Going Away

Assault on Trump supporters

Celebrity endorses violent attack on a senator

LuPone Gets Ugly on Twitter, Then Makes It Worse

in favor of doxxing

Spanish leftist teacher endorses violence and mutilation against boys

Feminist Teacher Tells Boys That Women Will ‘Cut Off Your Dicks’ Once They Take Over




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