Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 17

Usually I point out that my political violence analysis includes threats, vandalism, doxxing.  Well, sometimes the leftists go all the way to murder.  It is times like those that leftists magically become rightists in the eyes of the media.  Well, they are not.  If you want to know what motivated the shooters (typically one of these: insanity, politics, religion) then the proper route is to read what the shooters said.  The political ones want people to know why they murdered.  Same with the religious ones.  Links to violence below.

El Paso shooter’s manifesto: he was a socialist environmentalist ‘ecofascist’ racist.  He praised the New Zealand shooter and shot people for the same reason as that villain: all these immigrants are having too many children, and harming the Earth.  He was a progressive environmentalist, in his own words, and that is why he murdered.

Leftists Change Shooter Patrick Crusius’s MyLife Page after Saturday Shooting from Democrat to Republican — Page Created After Shooting!

Don’t even dare suggest that racism makes the El Paso shooter ‘right wing’. There is obviously racism on the left.

Sen. Tim Scott Wants to Know Where’s the Outrage Over ‘Coon Flakes’ Comment Against GOP Black Kentucky AG Candidate

Dayton shooter self-identified as a leftist, socialist, fan of Elizabeth Warren.  Not too much room for the left and the media to spin him as a right-winger.  So of course the story disappeared fairly quickly.
Connor Betts: Twitter Posts on Being a Leftist, Guns

NEW: The Dayton Shooter Was a Satanist, Leftist-Socialist, and Bernie/Warren Fan, Supported Antifa

AP doxxes Israel supporters.  Doxxing is intended to generate threats of violence.

The Associated Press Doxxes Israel Supporters

Twitter OK with threats if they come from leftists

Death threats distributed widely on leaflets

Castro’s doxxing invited this harassment

Looks like an ideological connection

Security guard for leftist reporter assaults another leftist reporter

Why did CNN’s April Ryan’s bodyguard oust reporter from speech?

Plan to stab kids because they had ‘obnoxious pride in America

Threat to dox any UT-Austin student who joins a conservative organization

Southern Poverty Law Center spreads hate and incites murder

Congresswoman whitewashes and justifies Antifa violence

Dem rep: I’m not surprised to see Trump taking sides against peaceful protesters like … Antifa

Fundraiser featuring simulated assassination

Antifa still violent even when Portland police (finally) try to separate them from others.

Portland Protests: The Antifa Violence Is A Feature, Not A Bug

Assault on a man because of his MAGA hat

Professor who supports left-wing terrorists to speak on 9/11 anniversary

Suspicious package at pro-life event: looks like a failed bomb attempt

It’s OK when we do it, says the left, every time.

Wants to drive a car into a Trump building

Vandalism part of a history of vandalism

Student’s Car Vandalized Because Of Pro-2nd Amendment Stickers

Illinois Trump Supporter’s Truck Smashed and Vandalized, ‘Antifa’ Painted on the Back

Pro-life organization’s mobile care clinic vandalized after pro-abortion group calls it ‘anti-abortion trickery’

Feminist spray paints and assaults pro-lifers

Threats of violence

Air travel disruption; putting many at risk

Climate Extremists Plan to Attack Airport with Small Drones


Left Uses Threats, Violence to Stop Conservative Art

a disturbing sign of competence from the enemy

The Left Escalates Violence as Antifa Arms Themselves

Rape threats to a senate staffer


Student attacked for wearing MAGA hat on Fourth of July

Threats of doxing to scare students away from conservative group

Incitement: Hollywood fantasy about rich lefties hunting and killing conservatives

Come and see the violence inherent in the leftism

Antifa Terrorists Plan 10-Day Sept. Border Siege in El Paso


Aftermath of violence

Sen. Rand Paul had part of his lung removed this weekend because of damage from 2017 attack

Harassment and threats of violence

Doxxing by a leftist in Congress

The Hill: Republicans POUNCE on Joaquin Castro for doxxing Trump donors on Twitter

Joaquin Castro Condemned For Tweet Targeting Trump Donors: ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Inciting Violence,’ ‘Holy Sh*t’

“This is WRONG”: Ted Cruz, Steve Scalise Torch Joaquin Castro for Doxxing Pro-Trump Constituents

Another doxing by another leftist in congress



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