Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 18

Violence as chronicled in this blog includes assault, vandalism, threats of violence, and doxxing.  As usual, by the time I have compiled two long posts full of left-on-right violence, there’s a shorter list of links to stories of right-on-left violence that should also come to light.  This is that list of links.  All one of them.

To explain the above link, Aaron Calvin was a reporter who wrote a nasty hit-piece to destroy a guy who had just become famous for his charitable giving.  Following his  deliberate effort to ruin the reputation of a decent guy who wrote dumb things as a teenager, Calvin received “a tidal wave of harassment, doxing, and death threats”.

Aaron Calvin is a journalist, with the standard set of lefty opinions and behaviors he was issued in J school.  It is reasonable to assume that some of the people who responded to his slimy hit piece with death threats were right of center.  While I have zero sympathy for Aaron Calvin, I stand for the principle that death threats and doxxing are wrong.



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