Me and COVID-19 and vaccine

Here is a collection of my posts on Gab from my very mild bout with COVID-19 (but see the last post). Saved here for convenience, with the replies. Edited to add my wife’s vaccine story.

March 25, 2021, 20:14. My COVID saga so far: wife started showing symptoms March 12. We have made no effort to social distance and we sleep in the same bed. My symptoms started today. This disease is spreading like wildfire! From her side of the bed to mine in only 13 days. My symptoms include feeling mildly chilled, a bit winded when walking the dogs, and being a bit fuzzy-headed, but Tylenol cleared that up. I might drop dead tomorrow. If I do, I’ll be sure to post an update.

meowing8@meowing8··@doctor_weasel Take care!!!

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weasel Original Gabber··@meowing8 Thanks. I might have to ease up on the Tylenol since it interferes with my drinking.

March 26, 2021, 09:07. My COVID saga, day two of symptoms. My dear wife offered me more Tylenol last night but I passed. Slept fine, better than I usually do. This morning I’m a bit sluggish, more than usual, but not by much. No Tylenol for me but I sure could use caffeine. Second cup of tea now. We locked down for a year over this? My wife’s symptoms were mild, more an annoyance to her than a real setback. Mine seem lighter than hers. Her son got hit a bit harder, with flu-like symptoms that kept him in his house, feeling bad.

I know some people struggle and even die from this. I know a lady in El Paso who lost both her parents and then got sick herself. The Navajo areas in the state have been hit hard. Very sad. But this was never the fast-spreading, mass killer disease it was made out to be. Our real concern has been about spreading COVID to my wife’s parents, rather than any bad thing happening to us.

March 27, 2021, 13:45. My COVID saga, day three of symptoms. I’m nearly completely certain that I’m not dead yet. I walked one of the dogs yesterday with my wife and have had some other exercise. I’m not as spry as I was last week, but its subtle. I feel ‘a bit off’, which is hard to explain but common to many mild bouts of sickness. Wife says the same. I have not taken Tylenol since day one of symptoms. It doesn’t mix well with alcohol and really, I would rather have beer, wine, and cider than Tylenol anyway. I just opened a bottle of Chianti, so maybe a nice meal of liver and fava beans.

March 28, 2021, 17:36. Day four of my COVID saga. Symptoms mostly gone I guess. If I tried to exert myself I could say for sure but having a lazy day. Now In drive thru line at Whataburger. Wife driving. Haven’t lost my taste yet; still enjoying food. I appreciate getting sent home for so long at full pay. Not a bad gig. There is some work waiting for me that I can’t do at home. “Hey, need an extension, COVID!” And it’s all ok. I have been so much sicker than this in my life. If nobody I know was exposed, I never would have got a test. Would never know I was sick.

Angry White Old and Privileged@awop·@doctor_weasel Glad to see you and Mrs. Weasel are doing well.

March 29, 2021, 16:41. Day five of my COVID saga. Took a test through work’s medical clinic. That lady took it seriously. Shoved the swab farther up my nose than either of my previous tests (one done by self, other by medical person). First thing, she handed me a tissue to blow my nose, then another for when my eyes water. Well, my eyes watered. For symptoms, a bit sluggish this morning while getting some exercise. The horror! Took a short nap, felt better. This COVID thing is working out well for me. Got some things done around the house. Maybe tomorrow I will finish digging out that sumac tree in the back yard. Then take a nap again, I guess. And call into a work meeting.

March 30, 2021, 20:32. Day six of my COVID saga. A bit tired this morning, took a break in the middle of exercise, then finished later. Did a little bit of work, ran a video meeting. Medical folks were supposed to call me with results if positive, and I was supposed to be able to find my results on our secure web site, somehow, if negative. Searched, found not even a clue about how to get my results. Called the medical clinic at work. Just trying to take my positive result and move on. So it seems my results are … negative? whaaaaaaat? I tested negative on 3/18, 3/20, and now 3/29. I have had frequent, close, personal contact with my wife, who tested positive. She had the disease, and had very mild symptoms. I had similar symptoms, but less than hers.
Theory A: my test is a false negative. Unlikely.
Theory B: I never got it despite sleeping in the same bed as my wife before, during, after her positive test. How does one actually catch this highly infectious disease, anyway? Seems unlikely.
Theory C: I had it first, got my wife sick, she got her son sick. I’m testing negative because I have been done with this virus for several weeks already. But then, where were the symptoms when I unknowingly got it weeks ago? Maybe.
Whichever theory, we have to explain something: my symptoms this past week. Maybe I’m just old and out of shape. Can’t rule this out, but wouldn’t that make me vulnerable to the disease carried by the wife I have been kissing all along? I wasn’t exactly trying to get it, but let’s say I had reckless disregard of catching it. Why did I not test positive?

Angry White Old and Privileged@awop··@doctor_weasel You get checked for antibodies? Supposedly that will tell you if you have been infected, but apparently has the same efficacy rate as the COVID test, somewhere in the 50% area from what I understand.

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weaselOriginal Gabber·@awop Not sure what test was done. I’ll check the records i have and ask the clinic.

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weasel·My wife’s COVID vaccine saga. My dear wife got stuck yesterday morning with the Moderna vaccine. Eight or nine hours later her arm hurt and she got flu-like symptoms: body aches and tiredness. In the night she had fever and chills, sometimes simultaneously. Today she feels like she hadn’t slept at all. “This is what I thought having COVID would be like, not the vaccine.”

If this was to protect her from a killer disease, it would be worth the trouble. But she already had COVID and it was an inconvenience more than a threat. If she never got tested, she would not have known she had COVID. I sleep in the same bed and either never got it from her, or had such a mild case it didn’t show up in tests. This vaccine does not seem worth the trouble or risk, especially when some people say we still can get and spread COVID, and still have to mask, *after* getting vaccinated.

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weaselOriginal Gabber·Wife, after spending the morning in bed: “I can’t even remember the last time I was this sick”
But she’s not sick. She got a vaccine.

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weaselOriginal Gabber·Wife, this afternoon: “I feel like I’m going to die. I hurt all over.”
Wife this evening was no longer chilled. She was worried about how bad the second shot would be, given how bad this one has been.

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weasel·My wife’s COVID vaccine saga, conclusion. Friday 4/2 she got the shot. Today 4/4 she is feeling much better. Instead of her staying in bed all day, we went out for Easter dinner with family. The pain in her arm is an ache rather than the shooting pain (she found it hard to describe) that had her wondering about going to the ER. She is very concerned about her second shot, considering the second one is supposed to be the bad one, and her first shot was pretty bad already.

Personally, I will delay getting the vaccine indefinitely.


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