Arguing with a leftist

Sadly typical of leftists stalking conservative sites looking for an argument. A commenter calling himself ‘Biden_Derangement_Syndrome’ started out accusing me based on nothing. Then he started making threats that had no substance. Lots of lies, of course. Not the first time I have had words with leftists. The original link to an Instapundit page is here.

Some conservative guy makes a comment on a conservative/libertarian site’s page. A leftist troll starts throwing random insults in every direction. So typical.

That guy is arguing with me about whether I served in uniform. What does he know about me? Nothing. I know me very well, having been involved in all aspects of my life, the whole time. Anyway, I don’t have to prove anything to this jackass. But I’m annoyed.

Side note: Biden_Derangement_Syndrome is calling a conservative a confederate. The confederates were Democrats who ran a very progressive, centralized government. The confederacy was the model that confederate-loving, racist Democrat Woodrow Wilson used for his centralized, progressive, racist administration.

So he gets all uppity. I told him that, if he agrees to drive across country to where I live, and meets me at a specific time and place, I’ll kick his ass. He spazzes and calls that a death threat. Obviously it’s not, but in his fact-free leftist world, one can never tell.

Still pushing this ‘he’s better than me thing, based on no truth at all. Still telling me I’m a fake veteran, and that I work a low-status job, which he thinks makes him better than me. His lack of character makes him lower than the next person you see in a very low-status job, but he doesn’t have the wisdom nor the humanity to understand that. If he believed all that leftist crap he espouses, he would revere the working man, but leftism has never really been about that. All leftists look down their noses at people who work for a living. Also, I said something about him which he did not deny.

Again we’re back to ‘you’re a fake veteran’. My service was real when I lived it, but I have nothing to prove to this asshole. So I set him straight on a few things. Note: my mention of both women’s studies and LGBTQ studies is because any ‘studies’ program is a political indoctrination program with no academic merit. Nothing specific about women or LGBTQ intended here. Every ‘studies’ program is absolute garbage.

No response to that, so I guess this discussion is over. And his continued non-denial looks like I hit the nail on the head.


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