Job Saga

Here are my Gab posts about negotiating a position at Big Company in Big Blue City.

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weasel ·

Gab folks, I want your advice. I have a good job. I like what I do, I like my co-workers, I like my manager. The work I do is important and it protects our country. Periodically, some headhunters will contact me via LinkedIn and offer to hook me up with some cool job. I always ignored them until the vaccine mandate, when I needed a backup plan. All my backup plan jobs turned to nothing when they found out I was not going to get vaccinated. Now something came up that’s different. It’s not a defense job, so no vax mandate. It uses my expertise, in a leadership role for an important piece of a large company. It’s a role with more management than I’m doing now and a broad scope of responsibility. It would involve me moving from Albuquerque to Big Blue City. I’m not thrilled about moving but Mrs Weasel could really go for this particular Big Blue City. My salary would (probably) more than double. It could triple.

Do I go for this?

I am early in the process yet and I do not have a job offer, so I’m dealing with possibilities, not a sure thing. If I take the job, I’m thinking I would have a backup plan of coming back to Albuquerque. I would keep the house here (other family could stay in it) and rent something modest there. I would ask my current employer for a leave of absence rather than just quit. I’m looking for ways to deal with the risk of screwing up the good deal I have now. Big Company in Big Blue City would fire me in a hot second if they decided I wasn’t working out.

Meanwhile, I have been getting more involved in local politics in a supporting role, not as a candidate. I think I have the chance to do some good here, and that would stop cold if I left.

My kids and Mrs Weasel’s kids are here in Albuquerque. We would see less of all of them, with a marriage coming up soon for one of them.

So there are gains and risks and costs. What do you think? If it turns into a job offer, do I do it?

(then some Gab folks gave me great comments)


@doctor_weasel No. Not unless you're already on the hot seat (or out) at your current job. And that "not-vax-mandate" condition can turn on a dime. Makes me think of all the people who sold their homes/farms for the Blackrock debtbuxters. Humbly suggest we should all be chasing independence, rather than $.

Angry White Old and Privileged@awop··

@doctor_weasel I see it as a huge risk. It seems ABQ is a safe place for you, surrounded by family and a job that seems stable and satisfying. Plus you are starting a greater investment in your home. Is giving that up worth double or triple the money, when Big Blue City likely has double or greater the cost of living? Would your current job be okay giving a leave of absence while you test the waters with a new job? Plus, how compatible are you with the politics in Big Blue City? (I was going to abbreviate it, but, uh...) Would you be happy there? Would you make reliable friends there?
I had a job offer in California a number of years back. It would have been a really great job with a start-up, but visiting I found that I would be miserable. First off, my politics are not compatible with the ruling majority there (and they make the minority miserable,) and secondly I like to see my natural disasters coming.
Those would be my thoughts given the same situation. What would I gain versus what would I leave behind?


@doctor_weasel It’s good to think and nice to have lovely possibilities to think about. Personally, I would give it to God and keep thinking.

(Then the process continued)

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weasel ·

A while back I posted about the possibility of a job with Big Company in Big Blue City. I had an interview with Senior Headhunter at Headhunter Company. Based on what Junior Headhunter told me, and what I read in Big Company’s job info, I had a concept of what this company wanted: an interesting mix of specialized technical expertise and management experience, plus (per Junior), blazing new trails in engineering. Well, Senior Headhunter didn’t seem to read the same info that Junior gave me, because my idea for the compensation involved was not quite what I was dreaming about. Senior Headhunter seemed quite impatient with me, in part because I didn’t understand what he meant by ‘what do you need?’ I thought salaries are based on a negotiation, and he wanted me to start the game by stating my final position, I guess. I said it’s not about what I need, it’s about appropriate compensation for a very responsible job. He stewed a bit, thought it wasn’t as high in Big Company as the job info said, and asked ‘didn’t Junior already discuss this with you?’ No, Junior and I never discussed compensation. So now Senior hasn’t noted some key aspects of the job, and Junior hasn’t been keeping him informed. I’m starting to lose confidence in Headhunter Company.

I may get a call or another interview in the next week or so. At that time. I will have a ready answer for ‘what I need’. It will be a lot less than my initial dream, but it will be significantly more than I make now. I priced risk, real estate, and responsibility into the ‘need’ figure. If he takes my number to Big Company, and they are receptive, we can talk. Then I have the big decision to make, that I mentioned before: leave Albuquerque for Big Blue City, have a very responsible job working probably massive hours, get paid very well but not what I was dreaming of, pay stupidly high prices for a modest house, keep my house (Stately Weasel Manor) in Albuquerque and make arrangements to return to my current employer in case it all blows up with Big Company.

I expect this isn’t going to go anywhere, because I’m asking too much. Considering everything Big Company wants in this position, and how there aren’t so many of us with the specialized knowledge, I won’t accept a penny less. Meet my ‘need’ or find someone else for Big Company. Anyway, I’m happy in the job I’m in and my family is here in Albuquerque, so I feel good if I have to walk away from this awesome opportunity that turns out to be not quite as awesome as I first thought.

(more great comments from Gabbers)

Jonathon Webster@CommonsensistJW··

@doctor_weasel I just read an argument why to stay where you are...

Anton L. Weasel, Ph.D.@doctor_weasel Original Gabber·

@CommonsensistJW Yeah, I think I'm going to stay where I am. Still, I want to see how this plays out. Kinda looking forward to telling Senior Headhunter 'I guess we're done here. Call me if Big Company meets my demands.'

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