Measured Consideration of our Political Parties

There are patriots in both parties, but some on the radical left reject patriotism and openly proclaim they hate their country.

There are religious people in both parties, but some on the radical left reject God and in fact hate Him.

Sadly, there are criminals and crime victims in both parties but some on the radical left excuse or even celebrate criminals and their violent crimes.

Sadly, there is sick and evil behavior towards children across the political spectrum but only on the radical left is there a small, vocal group trying to normalize it.

Democrat voters and non-crazy politicians need to reject their crazy, hateful fringe but instead put them in charge.  Speaker Pelosi was always seen as a radical leftist, but now that she’s in power, she tries to put the brakes on people even more radical than her.

Can I say that black lives matter?  If course I can.  Black lives are human lives.  I want government to stop enacting policies that help to ruin black lives in poor urban neighborhoods across the country.  The idea that black lives matter is a great idea.  A human idea.  Sadly, the organization Black Lives Matter is a Marxist terrorist organization that grifted donations from big businesses around the world so its leaders could buy mansions for themselves, despite their Marxist ideology.  I guess all that socialist equality is for people who aren’t in the vanguard of the proletariat.  Mansions for the vanguard leaders, but the rest of the proletariat (including black workers and business owners) gets their businesses burned down and their neighborhoods destroyed.

Antifa and BLM used the cover of legitimate protests to riot, assault, burn, loot, murder, and declare an insurrection.  In their Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, they actually declared secession from the USA, something the Democrats haven’t done since 1861.  They stole public and private land from their owners, put up fences, and defended that stolen land with armed guards, many of whom broke US gun laws by carrying firearms.  Other Antifa and BLM chapters across the country rioted, assaulted, murdered, and burned out businesses in the centers of cities across the country.  If city and state governments made any effort at all to stop them, the rioters were usually released on little to no bail.  Charges were dropped, over and over.  Basically, leftist mayors, governors, and other officials supported the criminal activities of these two terrorist groups.  We end up with the inescapable and ugly conclusion that Antifa and BLM were the foot soldiers for some factions of the Democratic Party.  Just as in the past, the KKK was ‘the militant wing if the Democratic Party’, as some historians have put it.  The crazy, hateful fringe of the Democratic Party loves and protects Antifa and BLM. 

The call to defund the police was heard not so long ago from some on the left and even some centrists who had different ideas.  How many radicals need to say ‘yes, I mean defund the police, as in get rid of them’ before non-crazy Democrat voters get that the whole effort was about getting rid of police?  Now crime is up.  Murder is up.  Where is murder up the most?  In poor black neighborhoods that already have a lot of crime.  Now they have more.  If you want police to be effective, stop voting for mayors and city councilors who hate police.  If you want black lives and all lives protected in poor neighborhoods, reinforce your police.  Respect your police.  Don’t cause morale and retention and recruiting problems for your police by trying to turn the population against them. 

Leftist academics have been pushing a bunch of harmful ideas, sometimes under the name of Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is about dividing everyone, including young students, into oppressors and victims.  That is harmful to both sides.  White kids are told they should be ashamed for something that other white people did in the past, just because they are white.  Young white kids of today are not to blame for slavery or for Jim Crow laws.  More thoughts slavery and Jim Crow below.  Slavery ended a century and a half ago.  Jim Crow ended half a century ago.  Can we let history be history? Or will we be like Europeans, holding grudges about events of hundreds of years ago? Minority kids are told they are being oppressed, and can never achieve anything in their lives except by fighting the oppressors.  This divisive nonsense encourages non-white kids to excuse any failures in their lives as someone else’s fault.  It tells them that success in schools is for white kids.  This is coming from their teachers.  There are enough negative messages in some minority communities: that studying and good grades are ‘acting white’, that education is not important.  Teachers should give every child the opposite message: learning is key to success throughout everyone’s life. 

Back to slavery and Jim Crow and calls for reparations.  Some people say that America owned slaves, but this is a misunderstanding.  America did not own slaves.  America as a nation owns public property through the government, but slaves were private property.  Wealthy Democrats owned slaves.  Wealthy Democrats demanded Jim Crow laws.  If the distant descendants of slaves want reparations, let them get their reparations from wealthy Democrats. 


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