A word on editing posts after publishing

I occasionally edit posts after publishing them, without notification.  Yes, that's called 'stealth editing'.  Weasels are sneaky, after all.  I do that to improve presentation, as well as fix grammatical or spelling errors.  Unlike the mainstream media, I do not make stealth edits to change the meaning of a post, nor to save myself from … Continue reading A word on editing posts after publishing

Introducing the Weasel

Fifth post in and I'm just now introducing myself.  Am I late, or just iconoclastic? I'm a long-tailed weasel who invents new gadgets.  I spend my time in my underground laboratory refining and testing designs.  What are the gadgets for?  World domination, I guess, but I'm still considering options.  It's a big world, so I'll … Continue reading Introducing the Weasel