Flying with a firearm

It’s really not hard to fly with a gun.

Know the laws of the place you are going. Make sure you’re free to carry there, open or concealed, based on whatever concealed carry license you have and whether that state and city accepts your license.  NRA-ILA has info here.

The gun has to be unloaded and in a locked box.  That’s why I’m writing this post.  The rules seem to have changed recently.  I have used a locked box before.  This time it wasn’t good enough.  The airline agent was able to unlatch it, and fish his fingers around inside the box  He said it would be rejected by TSA.  My wife dropped me off at the airport. I asked her to turn around and give me another gun box I had left in her car.    Airline agent rejected that one too.  Same problem: one lock, two latches.  Open the latches and he could touch the gun.  I ended up calling my wife back to get the gun (and magazines, ammo, and holster) from me.  I flew across country disarmed.

The plan was for me to buy a car from my father and fly back.  I was able to borrow a revolver from Dad at the far end of the journey, and bought a holster for it during the visit.   Thus I was armed on the drive back.  That was perfectly legal in every state I drove through except one.  And what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

As an aside, the gun had to be in a checked bag.  I would never have access to it during the flight, so I could never be a threat whether the gun was in a locked box or rolled up in a sweater.  Is TSA afraid of baggage handlers?  Or of TSA agents?

Short answer: buy a better locked box.



One thought on “Flying with a firearm

  1. My issue with flying armed (as opposed to just flying commercial, which I also hate) is that every airline, every airport, and every TSA moron, has their own unique interpretation of the TSA regulations… I’d be happy if the TSA said simply put the firearms in a Pelican model whatever, locked with masterlock model whatever, and stick the whole thing in your suitcase.

    Their constant interpretations of regulations is simply harassment.

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