How to make a really bad scientific argument, Part 4: Appeal to Authority

Make an appeal to scientific authority.  Doctor Jones said so, and he is an expert, so it’s true.  Experts can do anything.  Doctor Jones is a world leader in phrenology, so you should allow him to examine the lumps on your head.  In fact, you should invite him to make a few more lumps.  Here’s a hammer that Doctor Jones may find useful.  This appeal is like the bandwagon argument, but with a bandwagon of one.  A proper scientific argument could be: this meta-study reviewed medical research into the claims of phrenology, and found evidence (or no evidence, or whatever) to support Doctor Jones’ claims.  You might guess that such a study would be boring.  You would be correct.  So just refer to the expert and let him sway your gullible audience.



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