Doctor Weasel’s House of Horrors: Political Violence, Part 10

I have been too busy to post much for a while, but I have been collecting links to stories about violence.  Here’s the next post on left-on-right political violence, threats, harassment, doxxing, and vandalism.  The whole series of posts here covers political violence from both sides. Several links are from the infamous Covington Boys incident in Washington DC.

Recap of an older story: There were death threats from the left against the FCC Chairman because of a policy issue.

Leftst vandalism against a leftist. San Fran will not tolerate Jews
Someone painted a Star of David on Manny’s exterior along with the words “Fuck Zionism.” A window was broken.

Antifa doxxing conservative media

Antifa threatening letter to family of conservative media

Antifa group doxxes campus conservatives, including by sneaking into private meetings
And just in case you have a case of the stupids: doxxing is not the same thing as listing someone’s name in the phone book. Doxxing links a person’s political beliefs to personal information (in this case, pictures). Political beliefs were never in the phone book. Antifa specifically targets conservatives for violence.

Twitter leftists call for murder by shooting, arson, wood chippers, electrocution; also assaults, doxxing. Threats were on Twitter, but Twitter ignored them.

More about one of the calls for murder: Hollywood producer wants kids in wood chippers
Twitter is allowing verified, blue checkmark accounts to call for the targeted harassment and violent assault of these minor high school children.

More about one of the calls for violent assault: ‘comedian’ wants them punched

Black leftist inciting violence against whites

Lock them up! Stormy ‘Horseface’ Daniels wants boys locked in their school

Promoting violence: offering blowjobs in exchange for assault

Best wishes for Everyone at Covington Catholic High School

Promoting assault

Covington boys again…

TV host wanted to punch a high school kid

Convenient summary of threats by adults against high school boys

A summary of the fake narrative and the truth, with bonus threat from a journalist to punch a high school kid

Doxxing by a dummy. Now she’s upset not that she doxxed, but that she doxxed the wrong kid.

More incorrect doxxing leads to threats against family of kid who wasn’t there

Covington boys respond to death threats they and their families received

Yet another threat against Covington boys

This is the mindset that leads to mass murder

Leftist activist in “smash the patriarchy” shirt arrested with gun inside middle school; drew on cops, killed during arrest

Goon posted about killing police before getting shot

Doxxing and death threats because students posted pictures of themselves with guns


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