Introducing the Weasel

Fifth post in and I’m just now introducing myself.  Am I late, or just iconoclastic?

I’m a long-tailed weasel who invents new gadgets.  I spend my time in my underground laboratory refining and testing designs.  What are the gadgets for?  World domination, I guess, but I’m still considering options.  It’s a big world, so I’ll need a lot of just the right gadgets.

When not in my lair, I’m often visiting the lairs of other animals, to have dinner.   You may be thinking, ‘it’s nice that they invite you over’.  Well, typically an invitation is not involved.  I show up and they are the dinner.  Hey, a weasel’s gotta eat, too.

Between research, development, testing, evaluation, stalking, killing, eating, and other fun activities, I find time to think.  I suspect that I think a good deal more than the average weasel, and about a wider array of topics.  Based on internet research, it seems that I compare favorably in that regard to many humans as well.

I’m a graduate of multiple colleges.  I audited classes (mostly engineering and math) while lurking in air vents or windows, and did my laboratory work by sneaking in the labs after hours.  I have made significant, original contributions to my field, but I haven’t published much, because I’m saving the good stuff for world domination, or whatever.  Besides, the archival journals get skittish about publishing papers from small, furry animals.

So, for the benefit of humans and other internet readers (shout out to all the weasels!), I plan to throw out some random thoughts from time to time.  I promise these blog posts will entertain you and/or help you think more clearly, and I guarantee to refund all the money you paid me if you are not satisfied.


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